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The OHMazing Way Podcast Interview – 4/30/2019

Listen to it here https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/from-loss-to-light-being-mindful-mom-educator-leader/id1458372901?i=1000436283763


Deseret News -12/26/2017

The teachers at Ecker Hill Middle School are educating the students about Mindfulness!  https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900006177/heres-how-mindfulness-helps-schools-address-depression-and-anxiety.html


The Park Record – 9/27/2017

​Check out this article about what we are doing in the Park City Schools! https://www.parkrecord.com/news/teachers-trained-on-mind-body-connection/


KPCW (The Mountain Life) – ​9/27/2017

​Listen to this interview about what we are doing in the Park City Schools. Fast forward to minute 17 to hear Randi Jo & Rebecca with Lynn Wear Peak. https://kpcw.org/post/mountain-life-september-27-2017#stream/0


 ​PCTV Interview

PCEF Grant to Bring Mindfulness to Ecker Hill July 11, 2017 The Park City Education Foundation awarded a grant to bring Mindfulness Training to the teachers at Ecker Hill Middle School Fall 2017. The teachers will be trained on Mindfulness Techniques that can be integrated into their classrooms.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-c0HMqVuR0 (watch video on the Home page)


 KPCW Interview

Mindfulness Program at Trailside Elementary Helps Improve Behavior April 7, 2017 ​Breathing, visualization, active listening and some yoga poses are part of the Trailside Elementary School Mindfulness Pilot Program . ​It’s held weekly for about 20 minutes per grade level and it’s funded by a grant from the Park City Ed Foundation. Carolyn Murray visited the school and has this: Listen to the KPCW Interview


 New York Times

Mindfulness for Children (10/2017)    https://www.nytimes.com/guides/well/mindfulness-for-children

Mindfulness for Educators by Alison Cohen (9/7/17)   learning/lesson-plans/cultivating-mindfulness-for-educators


 Blissful Kids

Mindfulness and the Brain: How to Explain It to Children (3/2016)  https://blissfulkids.com/mindfulness-and-the-brain-how-to-explain-it-to-children/


Park City Television (2017)


Park City Television (2018)

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I have been in Randi Jo’s classes for many years and found them interesting, exciting and very worthwhile. She is very attentive to every person and tries to help each one to have a good experience in her class. When i can’t attend a class due to a conflict of schedules, I really miss my time with her.