Erika Roberts

Randi Jo does an amazing job with our figure skating athletes. Her classes teach them how to refocus, breathe as well as stretch their bodies. Our athletes truly enjoy and benefit from Randi Jo’s yoga classes.


Randi Jo has been a generous speaker for the Women’s Giving Fund mentoring Program to inspire 6th and 7th grade girls to use breathing, stretching, and positive mantras to relieve stress and anxiety.


Randi Jo’s yoga has been a huge benefit for my daughters and her sport with figure skating. She has improved with her flexibility and appreciation to stretch, relax and be centered. Here is Rachel’s testimony: I loved my yoga class because I learned how to...


Randi Jo provided students at TSES with classes in mindfulness. The skills she taught the students will live with them forever, giving them skills to help them in relaxation, quieting their minds and visualizing. TSES is grateful and thankful for all Randi Jo does for...


My daughter started taking yoga with Randi Jo in preschool and has continued at her elementary school for the last 6 years. She loves going to yoga and I love seeing how it impacts her life off the mat. I have seen her start to meditate when stressed or excuse herself...