Summer Camps

2020 Schedule

In these camps, kids enjoy interacting with Randi Jo & other campers live on Zoom. Yoga encourages children to explore their bodies, hearts and minds. Randi Jo’s Yoga for Kids classes teach patience, imagination, focus, flexibility, balance and strength! Children learn to become quiet or energized as needed through exercises and breath work they can do anywhere. Your child will be saying “I can do it!”

*Please note, the kids classes will be recorded so your child does not need to participate at a specific date & time,the videos can be played at your family’s convenience.

Yoga & Mindfulness as a SUPER POWER
(Ages 3 · 12)

Through Yoga & Mindfulness, Kids have fun developing the Super Powers needed to help with self regulation and kindness. We learn new breathing exercises, mindfulness tools, practice yoga poses, dance, meditate, enjoy mindful eating lessons, read books, dance, journal and make our own super hero capes!

Randi Jo provides a yoga journal, Super Hero cape and an easy list of camp supplies to bring to class. (Yoga mat, small stuffed animal, markers/crayons, cape decorations, healthy snack).

Monday · Friday · June 15 · July 19
10:00 · 11:30am · Virtual Classroom · $75


Monday · Friday · July 13 · 17
10:00 · 11:30am · Virtual Classroom · $75

CAMP # 2
Kids Yoga & Intro to Mindfulness
(Ages 3 · 12)

Learn the Basics of Mindfulness (mindfulness of Breath & Body, Emotions, Thoughts, Gratitude) and how we can bring the tools into our day. We’ll try new breathing exercises, mindfulness tools, practice yoga poses, dance, meditate, read books and journal! Randi Jo will provide a Yoga Journal and an easy list of camp supplies to bring (Yoga mat, water bottle, markers/crayons).

Monday · Thursday · June 22 · 25
10:00 · 11:00am · Virtual Classroom · $50

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Yoga with Randi Jo
Yoga with Randi Jo1 day ago
Are you ready to finally get grounded & stay present during the crazy?
By joining forces with a bunch of incredible practitioners, teachers, and artists from around the world, we’ve put our minds together to offer you a truly unique opportunity.
For seven days from October 29 until November 4, join us for a series of FREE soul-filled embodied sessions. 🧘
Your body and mind are craving tranquility, stability, empathy, and love. Here, you’ll find the goodness you need.
Regulate your nervous system, get grounded, and reduce anxiety on the days leading to the US election (and beyond!).
Find full details here ➡️
I’ll be hosting a family mindfulness session Sunday, November 1 (10:00-10:30am MT)! I hope to see you there!